Attention all scrunchie lovers! Don’t miss the ultimate scrunchie, hand-made in the north of France!

We have something for of all the biggest fans of hair accessories! The much loved scrunchie, made famous in the 80's & 90's is back with force! This icon hair accessory, often worn by our favourite stars back in the day, is now making a comeback to be the marker of fashion and style this summer!

Le Colonel is delighted to create this fashion accessory by hand in his workshop for the utmost pleasure of his customers! Sewn with great love by our passionate seamstresses in Lille, this trendy accessory is uniquely chic is ready to be worn everywhere and every day! Fun and colourful, our scrunchies are the finishing touch either for your daily look or your most elegant occasions!

Our scrunchies are perfect for ladies of all generations, for all seasons and should not be worn in moderation! Whether you’re looking for a slight retro, vintage touch or singular elegance, these accessories are adapted to every look. For some, the scrunchie is a sweet memory of adolescence, while for others it is the new trend to really make you stand out from the crowd! Moreover, the scrunchie brings all generations together: it is elegant, fun, trendy, flirty and above all gorgeous!

When Le Colonel has a real crush, he absolutely needs to try something new! This means colours, materials, anything and everything that takes his fancy.

Having a new means to tie your hair up is great because it is comfortable and practical and pleasant but make sure you pay attention to how you tie your hair! It is a real plus to be able to remove your hair from your face whilst sporting an elegant look. The scrunchie is thereore the perfect accessory for giving your hair some character and at the same time completing an outfit.

Multiply styles by wearing it in different ways according to your desires and your mood!

Also known as "chouchou" by our French-speaking friends, these beautiful scrunchies are a fantastic way to adorn your most beautiful hairstyles on a daily basis as well as for the important events of your life: You can wear it in different ways for different styles!

Here are our tips for wearing your scrunchie: for example you can wear it with bunches, a bun, ponytail (high or low) or why not even try it with a plait or braid? It’s all about feeling comfortable and pretty with your scrunchie in your hair!

There are no rules, you can even do relaxed and flowing hairstyles if that’s more your thing. You don’t need to be dressed up to have a distinguished outfit; the scrunchie itself adds a thoughtful touch to your outfit. It's up to you to find your favourite way to wear this soft accessory. Stick to your own style and make sure you have fun as the style options are truly endless!

At Le Colonel nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed! And our scrunchies are no different, carrying not only meaning but style too !

Because in addition to supporting your local fashion producers and being the accessory of the moment, our scrunchies are sewn from scraps of fabric from our workshop, leftover from making bow ties and other accessories.

At Le Colonel we don't like to waste, the recovery and remodelling of our materials is our thing, and we’re not going to lie, we are very proud of it!

So don’t hesitate to spoil yourself by taking advantage of our smaller fabric accessories that we love so much! Our fabrics are carefully selected, they are of excellent quality and we are committed to making the best use of them. We are sincerely delighted to limit our textile waste to make beautiful, unique pieces with them!

There are many different fabrics to choose from for our super soft scrunchies! The hardest thing is to choose the one for you.

So, you are rather tempted by what Le Colonel's has to offer?

We offer gorgeous scrunchies, made in France from velvet, wool, cotton, double gauze & of course in your favorite colours! Don't worry, we have everything you need to satisfy all lovers of scrunchies, and all tastes. You can even buy a set if you’re spoilt for choice.

You now have all the information you need to dress yourself up with both plain and patterned scrunchies, each with their own charm. Choose to match your scrunchie with your outfit or do the opposite and add a contrasting note or another colour to your look of the day. Either way, this hair accessory will bring a refined, fun and vintage touch to all your looks. Guaranteed success! For a vintage style, why not try a black velvet scrunchie with raw edge jeans and a white t-shirt for example.

As you can see, we have found a great solution for our fabric scraps, avoiding waste and creating unique accessories for women of every taste!

You are sure to make everyone jealous with a scrunchie, handmade with the expertise of our Lille seamstresses. PS: Why not sport a little textile accessory somewhere other than in your hair?

We are also huge fans of wearing a scrunchie on the wrist! And there you are, with a nice fabric bracelet, it's a great way to brighten up your outfit! Also a great option for short-haired girls who dream of wearing scrunchies.

The only remaining question is: how are you going to wear it? Are you tempted by bunches, a bun, ponytail, braid or simply as a bracelet? Or maybe you have yet another idea to style your hair with these super cute scrunchies? Be inventive.

Le Colonel hand-sew accessories in Lille for the whole family!

Who told you that the Colonel only makes accessories for men? We are very glad to produce high-quality pieces for woman and children too!

Why not wear matching family accessories for your events, weddings and parties? Or even match your bridesmaids and groomsmen! You can easily match your child’s outfit with adult bow ties, ties, headbands, pocket squares, boxer shorts, cufflinks and now also with scrunchies thanks to Le Colonel!

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