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The Man And The Bow Tie

Colonel Moutarde's workshop produces unique bow ties and usual ties in a variety of colors. Whether it's a men's tie or a silk bow tie, each is an accessory that adds a touch of originality to a man's suit or reinforces a classic style. For a complete look, alongside the bow tie or tie, think jacket pocket, suspenders, cufflinks and socks..

On a shirt, with jeans or a suit, plain, striped and patterned ties are very popular with men. The bow tie is also an essential part of a man's outfit. Silk or fancy bow ties give men the opportunity to assert their personality.

Classic patterns won't dress up a plain or checked shirt in the same way. Likewise, a plain bow tie, a silk bow tie or a patterned bow tie will stand out in different ways depending on the shirt available. The bow tie is available in different colors, such as pink and white, and in different materials, such as silk, linen, cotton or wool. This variety of bow ties allows the man to choose the perfect bow tie for a chic wedding or evening event.

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