Bow Ties

Tie or bow tie?

Handmade in France with the same love as our signature bow tie, Le Colonel Moutarde invites you to discover our unique collection of Ties, each one more gorgeous than the other. Choose between a classic or slim shape, both at 142cms in length, in one of our iconic Liberty layout prints, or if you prefer, order a tailor-made Tie to achieve a distinctive look set for your capsule wardrobe. Nothing false here !

Le Colonel’s creative universe is built on a solid customer rating, distinguished by products celebrating Men, Women and Children’s fashion. Whether for a wedding or formal occasion, for a special outing or simple to smarten up your work look, our fashion accessories are tailored for your needs: Ties, Bow Ties, Bow Tie, Braces, Pocket squares, Cufflinks, Boxer shorts, Socks… and more !


The tie, a fashion accessory!

The average customer is looking for an item for a wedding, such as a skinny tie or bow tie along with a pocket square set to match. Or you can view our silk bow ties available for men and women for black tie events. As we come into autumn, customers are looking to Williams Brown London suit in a brown colour, square set pocket, bow tie, silk tie or to something fancy like a jacquard bow.

Our average customer rating stars and reviews are so exceptional for the quality of our mens ties, pocket square set and even more so when we offer an amazing promo. If you’re happy with your purchase, please don’t forget to leave a rating stars review !

Bow ties made in France

Much more than a simple fashion accessory, the bowtie has forged a reputation that makes the traditional suit tie pale into insignificance. Historically criticised or forgotten, the bow tie has quick become the utmost symbol of male fashion today. Le Colonel Moutarde is proud to have contributed to its revival, having specialised in men's neckwear since 2012. Star of the society photo scene, men and women's attire now includes bow ties for any occasion: from traditional black tie; to be styled with suits, a tuxedo/dinner jacket, black silk or red tartan tie, dress shirt, scarf and fixed cummerbund; to something more of a novelty: a dandy suit unique belt and a gingham or even denim bow tie. We pride ourselves on our high rating thanks to our extensive range of over 300 different ready self-tie styles for men, women, children and babies - to suit all suits, taste, size or price. Just pull to untie again!


Which bow tie to choose ?

Fabrics are hand selected to reflect our passion for diverse tastes and quality. Take your pick from our best seller items: Liberty navy blue, florals, polka dots, stripes, paisley and geometric patterns. Every year there is something new. Or explore our range of accessories for weddings or formal occasions. Hand-sewn suit ties, skinny ties and self-tied formal English cravats to suit your unique size and colour scheme: from burgundy or charcoal to coral; all made from the best quality material; cotton, silk, satin, linen, woven, knit and textured fabrics. And once you have fixed your eyes on the perfect tie, you can even find shirts, slim collar shirts, cufflinks, pocket square handkerchief, braces with strap and socks worn to match. View our partnership with Samson for a selection of ready to wear suits, shirts and formal attire, all of an excellent standard and price. The reviews and rating speak for themselves! With a range that is constantly evolving, our bow ties have a strap that is adjustable and detachable, so they can be adapted to any size. Or if you prefer, order a tailor-made piece and choose between three different shapes: slim, diamond or classic; pick the length, and you will achieve that unique look! And if you don't know how to tie a bow tie yourself, you can learn right here on our website with our step by step guide, or pick one of the pre-tied bow ties we offer. Don’t forget to add a rating!


Which The bow tie, an essential accessory that makes you smile !

We now offer extra quick delivery of our mens ties, bowtie, mens braces, pocket square and accessories for every customer in English speaking countries; helping us maintain not only a certain quality standard but a high rating and exceptional reviews. You can view these for your self, or feel free to add to our customer reviews of our both our pre-sale and sale price and our superior standard of delivery.


How to maintain the shape of your bowtie or tie, whether skinny or standard shape, step by step: Your self or pre-tied bow can be used over again at, even if it has been worn or fixed/tied for a while. Ready? Pull at each end of the bowtie length to view and flatten out. A quick, warm iron can be used along the length of the tie to the end will help smooth creases from your items, pocket square or accessories. Do not iron the elastic strap on pre-tied styles and please be extra careful with heat on black silk, colours, white, paisley or textured fabrics. Our items are washable, but again, pay extra attention with strong colours such as blue or red, or pale colours such as white.

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