A little background on the history of the shirt

Do you know of someone who doesn't have a shirt in their closet? Classic, timeless and above all indispensable, the shirt is an essential for both men and women. Indeed, for many decades it has accompanied us not just in our daily life but also for important events in our lives like ceremonies and events!

Let's take a little look at the history of this garment: The shirt has been around since before the Middle Ages, and gained popularity during the Middle Ages. The name ‘shirt’ derives from the Old English ‘scyrte’ meaning shirt garment or skirt. Originally the shirt was considered an undergarment, however it was one of the first garments with sewn sleeves, which was a real revolution at the time. This garment has always been a staple in men's outfits and its success has only increased with time. During the 1850s, the first mass production of shirts appeared at the same time when shirts began to appear in different colours. Indeed, pastel colours took place in the fashions of the time in line with the evolution of textile techniques.

Before that, shirts were mostly off-white, the same colour of natural linen. Shirt collars are also no longer removable as they once were, becoming fixed in the 1850s. Since then, the shirt has been considered an item of clothing in its own right. The shirt then evolved again with the appearance of print in the 20th century, when stripes and checks started to appear! And since then we haven’t been able to get enough of these interesting patterns that help bring rhythm to our outfits! At Le Colonel, we're big fans of marine-inspired stripes like those on the St Malo shirt and the Arcachon shirt from FYU Paris. These shirts are made in France and have subtle burgundy and blue stripes, which remind us of summers at the seaside. Made from soft fabric with good hold, these pieces are certainly some of our favourites of the season.

Over time the cut of the shirt has started creeping closer to the body, while voluminous styles have gone out of fashion, with bodies no longer hidden underneath oversized shirts. In line with this, FYU Paris has succeeded in creating a truly modern and very elegant slim cut. These shirts can be worn not just for work, but equally for a family event or simply for a slightly more chic look during the weekend. An unforgettable piece that can’t fail to enhance your look.

FYU Paris, the singular shirt made in France:

The shirt that really stole our hearts at Le Colonel has incomparable finishing. Sewn in a garment workshop in Laval in Mayenne, France, known for being a shirt specialist and having made clothes for well-known French luxury brands. This is the mark of the FYU Paris shirt.

We are really proud to offer you this remarkably stylish shirt, chosen with great care which, like our bow ties, is sewn locally in France, with love. Each shirt will take you on a little journey, bearing the name of a place of inspiration such as St Malo, Montmartre or Arcachon. The shirts are produced in a small series, each one with its own story.

The finishing of our FYU Paris shirt:

At a first glance, this shirt appears rather classic. However, with closer inspection we see a slew of stylish and original details. We’re delighted to go into further detail… That little extra: FYU Paris shirts have a rather unique American collar, rounded off at its tips. The collar either has two hidden buttons, also called ‘button down’ for good support, or two visible buttons on the collar. This means you can wear it with your Le Colonel bow tie! The buttons are smart and stylish in their own way, made from natural material such as mother-of-pearl or corozo, and cross-stitched to endure.

Each shirt features either an elegant contrasting colour of stitching or not, with seams of indisputable precision, sewn with 5 stitched per centimetre, another marker of quality. Fabrics are chosen with great rigour to ensure that the shirt does not wrinkle throughout the day. This very practical aspect gives a slightly more relaxed aspect to the shirt while remaining very elegant all the same. The left wrist is adorned with a small tricolor band (red, white, blue) to remind us of the French ‘savoir-faire’.

A pointed chest pocket at the top of the shirt, not only balances out the shirt but is very practical! The interfacing is finely woven on the collar and cuffs, adding structure whilst retaining the natural movement of the fabric, and more importantly does not blister even after several washes. Neck-equalization is done by hand for perfect symmetry. Fabric weight varies between 135 grams and 160 grams, and the overall finish is rather soft either in brushed cotton, oxford or flannel.

A modern cut:

The cut of a FYU Paris shirt is neither too loose nor too tight, and no matter what the body shape its cut tends to fit correctly, creating a young and dynamic silhouette. Cleverly cut to highlight the shoulders and chest, and comfortable enough for movement, as it doesn’t sit too close to the body. The great strength of this particular cut is that it is suitable for both work and days off.

Some tips for wearing your FYU Paris shirt:

Short enough to be worn untucked without looking unusual, it could of course also be worn tucked into the trousers for more formal occasions such as for ceremonies or events. This is a great quality for a shirt, as it does not wrinkle too much, so you could even tuck it into your trouser and then decide later to take it out during the day, without leaving the shirt too creased. Beyond doubt, the FYU Paris shirt’s greatest quality: it is equally suitable for a casual outfit as it is for a more formal outfit such as with a suit.

We love these pieces with colourful chinos or raw jeans, for a modern, trendy look! With quite subdued colours, you can afford to pair the shirt with colourful clothes and / or accessories. And of cource, you can pair your shirt with your favourite Le Colonel bow ties or ties! All you have to do now is enjoy wearing this exceptionally crafted shirt, for a relaxed and elegant style. Rest assured, it will soon become your new favourite shirt!

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